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eatly increased; standards o▓f living have achieved a historical leap from poverty to mod▓erate prosperity; the people's right to development in ec▓onomy, politics, culture, society and environment h

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as ▓been effectively protected.China feeds more than 20 percent of the world's population with less than 1▓0 percent of the world's arable land. Through more than 30 years of reform and opening-up

and vast scope to realize that right. Throug

, China▓ has lifted 700 million people out of pover▓ty, accounting for more than 70 percent of the glo▓bal reduction in poverty. China has e▓stablished the world's largest social security system, and average life expectancy ha▓d grown from 35 years in 1949 to 76.34 years in 2015, ranking high among the developing countr▓ies. The level of education has soared▓: in 1949, more than 80 percent of the national population was illiterate, and the enrollment r▓ate of school-age children was only 20 percent. In 2015, net enrollment rates were as follows: primary school-age ▓children - 99.88 percen


t; nine-year compulsory education -- 93 percent; high school - 87 percent. The▓ enrollment rate for higher education has reached a level approaching that of medium-developed coun▓tries. According

to the "China National Human Development Report 2016" released by the United Nations, China's Human Development Index (HDI) in 2014 ran▓ked 90th among 188 countries, already in the high human development group.Over the years, proceeding from reality and following the trend of ▓the times, China has maintained the people's principal position in the country and created its own path by taking the central task of economic development and upholding the ▓Four Cardinal Principles [Note: The Four Cardinal Prin▓ciples refe

h more than 60 years of effort, China'

s overall ▓national strength

r to the principles of adhering to the socialist path, the ▓people's democratic dictatorship, the leadership of the CPC, and Marxism-Lenini▓sm and

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